Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Trip North

We went with Mom and Dad to see Matthew and Caleb's place in Lake City.  We stopped on the way to show them Matthew's Store.  We took along a crockpot dinner and had a great day together.
Mom and I knitted along the way!  Basic  sock pattern with a new twist on the leg k1, yo, k2tog to give the leg of the sock a twisted rib.  These are for Mom because she wants to like making socks but doesn't so she gives them to me to finish-a perfect arrangement!


  1. Glad you made the trip! The socks are very cool.

  2. Another lovely day in the presence of family. You are an inspiration to us all.

    "...she wants to like making socks but doesn't" really tickled my fancy!

  3. Sound like a nice trip. Matthew looks very nice in blue.

    What is the yarn used in the socks please? They look very nice and the twisted rib just screams,"Wear me with shorts so I can be seen!"


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