Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finishing Touches

Marsel and I hung up the pull shades on two sliding glass doors.
Nyki helped in her usual way!
This is the view from our bedroom door----->in the afternoon, the pool guy came; the permit was granted and the digging began! 
We made quite the peanut gallery to watch the progress.  The weather was great and the ice cream sure helped the smiles. 
We put up one of the front shades, this one in my kitchen window.  I have to wait for Bill to use the cement drill for the hardware-behind the sheetrock fascade if solid cement block and I can't put my hardware up without help-grrrrrr! 
The kids like this kind of digging, too!


  1. Wow..when you get to the curtain/drapes stage you know your on the home run. Way to has been great watching the progress. You must be thrilled with how it has all come together. Bet the kids are some excited about the

    Judi B.

  2. Wow! Is the pool going right outside your bedroom door?

    In NSW we have to fence all pools and there is not allowed to be any access from any window or the window must have bars on it! We've had too many toddlers drowning in backyard pools and the government will legislate for anything these days!


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