Friday, March 12, 2010


The pool guys worked in the drizzle all day and now the pool looks like it has ribs!
The men went to a farm auction today and Mom and I went to Daytona Beach for a JoAnnFabrics fix and to find a new quilt shop.  Wonderful to spend time together as always!
I bought some supplies; needles for quilting and rotary cutter blades and lining for a new dress for Abigail and a tie for David.  Mom bought some batting for the next quilt project we have planned. 
We sent for a quilt kit from which is a charity that supplies quilts to area hospitals, shelters etc.   Click on tab titled How to Help and then to request a kit and you will have a kit in the mail in a week!  You have to supply the batting and the binding and machine quilt it then send it back to them in a month.  Check them out!
Oh, yeah; Bill brought this home from the auction today............he says it is for me because I have always said if I had one of those zero turns I would mow our lawn!   Now we will see if I can!  (For inquiring minds...this is a Toro Z master, 72" cut)
And these are for Bill who has an idea............tanks for solar hot water for the pool. 


  1. LOL>>Rod bought me a John Deere last year..Z turn..RIGHT!!!LOL. We had a smaller Toro Z turn..but OH NO that one was not a wide enough cut..OMGosh MEN..!! Enjoy your new toy.
    Pool is fun to watch coming together. You will enjoy a splash after cutting the

    Judi B.

  2. So glad we got to see the pool get started!

    It remains to see whether the new mower will be fun or not...!

  3. Ah, men and their ideas! LOL

    Still resisting the call of the scraps!! tee-hee

  4. Question--can you knit while on the mower?--if not send it back. sharon

  5. You see solar hot water tanks for the pool - I see giant dye pots! Wow! Just imagine the yarn I could dye in one of those puppies!!!


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