Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In All Their Glory

My Dad said I needed to be patient....there was so much vine growth and no buds.
Well, he was right!  The morning glories are doing their thing every morning......incredibly beautiful!
We went to Lake City; the guys to golf while I sit and enjoy the solitude and cook a feast for the returning warriors!
The kitties were in their fiber frenzies........when I used the restroom,
they wreaked havoc on my knitting-I was too shocked to take a pic of the livingroom completely strewn with 800+ yards of laceweight yarn....An hour later, I had wound the yarn into three balls; usable but no longer continuous.  The great news is that the knitting, while abused , was intact.  Naughty kitties....
I spun up two skeins of corriedale/romney cross.  This is destined for the loom-a sampler of the different yarns, some overshot and a purse....

Caleb won the golf game; he has come into his own on the course; we stuffed ourselves on the roasted chicken dinner and headed home!  Lovely day, guys!


  1. You know, I really winced with I saw the yarn mess. I was so lucky with Neil - he never bothered my yarn or fiber.

    Those morning clories are beautiful! I want a sweater in those colors!

    The gray yarn looks really nice - can't wait to see it on the loom.

  2. BAD CATS!!! Somehow I doubt they were sorry...

    The morning glories are amazing. I have always loved them but had forgotten just how 'wow' they are. They are on my to-do list for spring!!!

  3. Yikes! the yarn looks painful, glad you could untangle it even though it's patched together, bad kitties, poor mommy.
    Love the colors of the morning glories very deep rich tones.

  4. Glorious morning glories! And naughty kitties - but cute.

  5. oh no, I'd have murder on my mind for that! luckily schindler isn't interested at all and neither are the dogs (they might sit on the knitting if it drops, but so far there hasn't been any damage:))

    the morning glory looks so perfect - it could be artificial!


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