Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, So Pretty!

The shawl blocking was an early morning project.  Cats, helpful as always, helped me spread it out.  It soon became apparent that I did not have enough pins to make all the little points along the edge.  My last pi shawl didn't keep its little points after use, so I just  spread it out evenly and left it to dry in the sunshine.  I only had to readjust it twice due to cat ministrations...
It is beautiful!  60" across, only weighs 110grams-very light indeed!  I started this in the Fall and have worked 7 months on it;  1600 yards of cobweb lace yarn!  I can't wait to wear it!  This pattern is called Triggy, a Norwegian Doily pattern.
One quilt off the frame,
another one loaded and ready to go.


  1. The shawl and the quilting both came out lovely. The shawl color is beautiful!!!

  2. good idea with the spreading out. though my knitting would swim away in our weather and I don't have a free space that would be large enough:)) have a nice and safe trip!

  3. Wow! That shawl has a three-dimensional look to it! I like them better without the points anyway.

  4. Beautiful shawl!!! I bet you could also baste the shawl to the bedspread, to keep the points from moving. Wish I had a beautiful patio to block my things on:-)

  5. Wow! The shawl is absolutely incredible!

  6. Absolutely adore how the shawl came out. Wonderful job there!

  7. That's a great shawl! I wonder what people do to keep the points pointy? Starch? That's probably not good for the fiber...

    Nice log cabin quilts too!


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