Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It Works!

I have transferred all my weaving supplies into the china cabinet and it will be nice to have it all in one place now.  No, I do not like to have tons of supplies.......I tend to buy what I need for a specific task and then use it.  I do have cones of thread to last me a very long time, and have plenty to keep me weaving for a year at least!  I do not like clutter, so I tend to not buy more than I have a place for or immediate use for supplies. 
(My house, my rules..........feel free to collect as much as you want!)  (To be strictly accurate, I do have two boxes that are not in the cabinet-one of plastic bags, and one of cotton sock loopers; both are in my sewing room and will stay there until they are in use!)
I finished up the pair of socks, what a nice use for the fiber I received  from Lunabudknits.  It was the first time I have spun BFL (blue faced leceister sheep's wool) and....
.... it was a very good first-a great spin and a great yarn.  Look at that texture!  This has a soft hand but gives excellent stitch definition!  Another bonus is that it is supposed to be a long-wearing sock yarn!
Little Puff Daddy gets tired out helping me knit........I finally convinced him to sleep next to me so I could put the needles into high gear to get these done:
A quick project on the needles tonight so I can put them in the washer to felt them tomorrow!  They look like I have knit a pair of ballet slippers!  I will lightly felt them so they will make a pair of slippers for a friend's birthday!


  1. I absolutely ADORE those socks!! Thank you so very much for the shout out!

    Love your Grandmother's cabinet placement. It looks like it belongs there and it happy to be of use again:)

  2. The china cabinet looks so nice! And turning clutter into organization is always a nice bonus. :)

    The socks are so pretty...they look like peacock colors to me.

  3. I love the socks, and BFL is wonderful to spin with, though a pain to card, all those ringlet locks! Worth it though.

    And why does the cat always fall asleep in the most inconvenient place!

  4. Totally agree with you about the clutter! A glass fronted cabinet will be great at keeping it at buy cause there's no hiding it. I really love the socks!


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