Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sewing Room

I started a privacy cape for a gift......need a overall buckle to finish it.
Still working on the small quilt on the frame.
But I made this table runner as I continue the stash buster projects and wanted to quilt it I am doing it free motion on my sewing machine.  Hmmm, there was a learning curve to use different muscles this way again!  It is definitely more stressful on the body so I only work on it one motif at a time!
 (I draw the feather wreath and then stitch it-see one has most of the wash away lines removed.)
I am making progress on the Percy shawl.  It is slow going but it is growing. 


  1. stupid question - what is a privacy cape? is it one of those "tents" one can pull over when undressing at the beach etc.?? no joke, I've never heard that word before....
    the runner looks pretty - but I guess I'd have to do the quilting by hand!

  2. Wooly Bits beat me to it. WWhat is a Privacy Cape?

    I love the quilting. I'm looking into having the two quilts I'm about to piece quilted by someone besides me. Since I have to use the Kenmore to do it, it kills the old shoulders. You are always giving me ideas!

  3. Very nice! Your hands are always busy, aren't they!

  4. All cool projects all the time! Good going!


  5. Catching up (again!) on your blog! Great job on the nursing cover! I love mine.


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