Friday, September 11, 2015

Seeing the Course Ahead

 The intermission dish cloth is off the needles-side one...
and side two.  I used the Italian bind off-I have yet to do it from memory, thank you YouTube, but this time it took the least number of replays to get it bound off!
I finished the patriotic quilt that Millie pieced.  Apros pros for the 11th.  As soon as we stepped outside to have a photo shoot, cats appeared!
They are SO helpful! 
And this is going to be another pair of mitts.  It will match this hat as soon as I work out the logistics because I don't have a pattern.  But I think I see how to get to where I want to go. 
I have the chart for the back of the hand from this hat.
The rest of the mitt is pretty basic.
I am up to the challenge.


  1. Kitty was just holding it down so the wind wouldn't blow it. LOL See ---- kitty HELPED! The quilt is beautiful.

    Have fun with the mitts. Love the pattern on the hat.

  2. LOL!! You gotta love cats. The quilt looks great!

  3. And she's off! :)

    Quilt ta-da pictures wouldn't be the same without a cat or two helping...

  4. Those kitties are just too funny. The quilt turned out great. I want to go sit on it too!


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