Monday, September 28, 2009

Gifts From Afar

When you share anobsession with friends, they become wonderful enablers.  This is a pile of shopping bags which were purchased from the 'Black Market' (it is now legal but kept its old name) ,an open market in Mongolia,When my friend saw them, she knew I would go crazy with them-she not only bought them for me, but then managed to fit them in her suitcase and bring them all the way back!   (They weigh 7.5 lbs!)  Is this love or what!?!

She also brought back more conventional souvenoirs for us, a mug for Bill and a felted wall hanging for me!

Sandy, thank you these are amazing!


  1. That is DEFINITELY love!!! :)

    I love the polka dot one.

  2. Wow nice stash of bags, those will be fun to watch as you make more totes.

  3. It's a little bit funny that plastic bags make a great gift! (But those are wonderful colors!!)



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