Monday, September 28, 2009

Travelling Woman Shawl

I finished this month's KAL on Ravelry!  It is knitted on #10 needles, Coopworth fiber, now a sportweight yarn which I had handspun and dyed.  It blocked out at 76" at wingtips.  This is a bit colorful and I might overdye it to tone it down after it has its maiden wearing!  It was a fun knit (and re-knit) and many thanks to the BeginningLaceKnittersGroup for their work.


  1. This is breathtaking! I'm sure you look radiant in the bright orange...

  2. Awww... Don't overdye it!! It is beautiful!!!

    Cool shopping bags! You are right. That IS love!

  3. What a great size for a shawl! Lovely.

  4. The shawl is a beauty!

    OK, my sense of time might be all boggled....but if this is a monthly KAL, does that mean you did this shawl in a month? Yikes!!!!

    Hopefully your productivity will rub off on me soon!!



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