Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sweet Potato

I do not like to eat sweet potatoes but I do like this use of them!  Isn't it just so pretty-all purply/bronzy in color and our gentle, warm breeze just lightly tosses the vines.  I am going back for more!

 Bill had bought some excellsior lined baskets for someday and even remembered where he had put them so I will be repotting my new hanging plants later in the day!


  1. That plant is beautiful!
    I had planter like that and I could NOT keep them wet enough, dried out so fast with that lining. You might think of a layer of plastic between the dirt and the fiber stuff...maybe with a few holes punched in it.

  2. So pretty! Who'd a thunk it?

    I don't particularly like sweet ptato to eat myself!

  3. Of course, that should be potato!

  4. I'm with you....I don't eat sweet potatoes, but the plant is really beautiful!!


  5. I envy you - I tried one from the shops, but all it did was a few measly leaves - I think irish summers aren't sunny enough for good growth, never mind some nice flowers....


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