Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dishtowels, Etc.

I finished washing, drying and hemming the dishtowels.  I even made two dishcloths to match.  Now that they are washed, the pattern that I didn't see when I wove according to the instructions, is very visible.  I do like the part I free-wove without using the white cotton for tabby; it is more color saturated.( I used one main color and used a contrast color for the tabby and then on the next colorblock I moved the contrast color to the main color and added a different color for tabby.  I worked out well)
 One is in the drawer and the other towel is hanging on my stove waiting to be of service. 
My HalcyonYarns order came with more 8/2 cotton.  (Two colors were on backorder but I have it to look forward to!)
I will attempt to make some more towels after I make some more of my plastic bag totes on the loom. 
My husband surprised me with a 'bouquet' of blue bags he had found on the side of the road when on an errand!  They were clean and unused and he knew it would thrill me (it did) because blue has been a hard color to find!  I will be using the orange with this blue to make some 'Gator (Gainsville University) fan bags!
I am making progress on the lace shawl-on the outher diamonds......I will be repeating these last 10 rows to make the shawl a bit wider for my tall daughter.  I am so glad to have this to savor-it has gone very quickly compared to my first pi shawl-if you remember, that one took me a year to finish because I got bogged down.  I have hit my stride with this one!  (In fact, I am looking forward to my next one!)


  1. Great that you've hit your stride with the shawl! It looks very complicated to me!

    Congrats on the completed dishtowels! They look really nice....and are cheaper than most ways of learning to weave (lessons, conferences, classes).

    Looking forward to seeing what you'll create out of your Halcyon order!!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. The dish towels at the top are beautiful. O like the darker one where you didn't use the natural for the tabby warp. This intensity of the colors is perfect.

  3. The towels are pretty, even if not what you had originally envisioned...bravo to Dad for understanding that bags are better than flowers :)...and I'm very, very happy for you and for me, because I will soon be the owner of a long-coveted pi shawl that you enjoyed knitting for me!!!

  4. The dishtowels looks great! Nice colors and pattern. That must have been a fun pkg to get with all the new yarn.
    Too funny about your excitement on the blue bags retrieved from the roadside. I'm glad they were clean. ;)

  5. isn't it hilarious how we get excited about stuff other people have thrown away?:)) I never get flower bouquets either, I'd rather have fibres, yarn, bags - or maybe a plant for the garden anytime:))and at least the bags in your "bouquet" were clean.... love the towels, the colours sing!

  6. Those towels are very pretty.

    Yay Bill - you know the way to a crafter's heart!! LOL

  7. Love the towels and the shawl will be just to die for looks soft and wonderful. Hmm Gator Bags, well since I'm in Miami I prefer Hurricane bags LOL..


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