Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have finished the Pi shawl for my daughter!  It only took me 6 weeks this time.(My first pi shawl took a year!)  This one is a pattern from MMarioKnitsYahooGroup and my first of his patterns ; this one is called Queen of Heaven.  I used a skein of Skacel Merino Lace in grey, 1375 yds and I used most of it.  It looks good unblocked........
....better even while blocked.....
...and amazing when it is all finished!  (It blocked out to 58"across)
I did get a  little nervous while binding off when the skein was dwindling like this!  But I kept at it--lace knitting makes me courageous!
I bought some new webbing when we went to town yesterday so I could finish 3 more plastic bag totes.  These are a satisfying weave in every color I choose!
And because I needed the flannel backed tablecloth to block out the shawl, I finished up the disappearing 9 patch blocks that were nestled safely in its folds.  I pieced the blocks and added the borders.  Now I just need to clear off the quilt that is still sitting on the frame.  I have a bad case of quilter's block and now that I am on another roll of finishing up projects, will hopefully come up with a game plan and get it executed!  I do not have a deadline on the quilt on the frame (for a friend) so maybe I should set one myself and get it in gear!
Nyki likes the quilt right where it is!  (She does not like it when I get the camera out and usually gives me the flat ear look!)

****(I do not call Nyki to come when I am taking pictures........she just feels it is her responsiblity to appreciate each 'ta-da' I lay out!)


  1. I love the shawl. The quilt is very nice what size will it be? Show us the quilt on the frame too.

  2. The shawl is absolutely beautiful! It actually seems like it would work as a decorative table covering also. And the bags just get prettier and prettier! I love the new colors! :o)

  3. I love how Nyki appears on cue for every photo!! And how she parks herself front and center!

    Lots of great work in this post!! The shawl is gorgeous!!

    Love the new bags!! I like how you're changing up the color and the sizes of the bags.

    All that and a quilt?! Great job!!


  4. I AM SO SPOILED...I can't wait to put on my lovely shawl and feel like a lady of privilege! :)

  5. Beautiful shawl - wear it with joy, Marsel!

  6. The shawl is to die for, lovely. Love the bags they look great.

  7. Your Kyki looks like a younger version of my Neil.

    I love the Pi Shawl. One day I'll get up the nerve to do something like this.


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