Saturday, December 4, 2010


What do you do to celebrate your birthday............?
 Well, this has never been on my list but...........jumping from an airplane @ Kennedy  Space Center has been on my Matthew and Caleb's list for a long time.
Now that I know they are safely on the ground, I can acknowledge the beauty of it all!  Happy 24th Caleb!
 I will stick with my extreme knitting..........finished the hat and mitt set.
And really living it up, I learned a new-to-me technique, entrelac knitting!  Very exciting!  (I will post links for the directions later when I post the finished picture!  Mom, we are going to do this together when you are down for the winter!)

(Look up the story of Geronimo being yelled when you jump from a plane, very interesting read!)


  1. My crazy brothers!!!

    I love the cable/berries on the hat, it's a very pretty detail.

    Glad you conquered entrelac -- a nice accomplishment!

  2. am glad to hear you have signed your Mother up for the knitting and not the skydiving. sharon

  3. I think it is amazing that you got the thumbs to match. Cool!

    Skydiving will never be om my to-do list. Nope!


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