Monday, December 20, 2010

Hitting the Speed Limit...

 Quite a large number of turkeys were enjoying the feast of cracked corn in the feeders out back.
 The frosty temperatures have yielded some amazing color for our trees!
 speaking of Frosty, here is a snowman done Southern style! 
 I opened my birthday presents and cards this morning with help from my felines!  (Yarn, fabric and quilting there a theme here?!)
 And this evening, I enjoyed some delicious pizza and great company!  (When your own family isn't close, God provides some very special people to fill that need!)
Be sure and catch the lunar eclipse tonight-I have set my alarm to wake up to watch it at 3am!

(The title was a hint at how old I am........but not interstate speed yet!)


  1. Happy birthday, Mom! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you, but looking forward to sharing a million hugs next week!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope your day has been wonderful! :o)

  3. Well it can't be school zone speed, you have a grown daughter commenting here.
    Happy Birthday - whichever road you are on.

  4. I don't know your speed limit - but it's only a number anyway:)) belated happy birthday, no matter the number!
    no need to make a "southern" snowman over here - plenty of white stuff out there, but it's so dry and cold, that it won't stick together... there's always some complaint about snow:))

  5. Belated Happy Birthday. Your Mom must have been a child bride--for your age!!! Enjoy those birthday gifts. And Happy Holiday to you and your family. Sharon

  6. Happy birthday dear daughter! Love Mom

  7. Happy Birthday, hope there will be many more to come.

  8. Happy Birthday! That's a oldest daughter is the 20th too. And we also went for Italian, but not to some cool-io restaurant on the water. Love the turkey pic. Did you notice in that picture on the very top of one of the trees...I think there's a little hawk :)

  9. You southern style snowman really gave me a good laugh this morning!

  10. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a pretty good one;)

  11. Happy birthday, I hope it was a blessed day for you. K

  12. Happy Borthday!

    I've never seen a southern snowman before. How is it made?

  13. Very belated happy birthday to you!!

    I'm jealous of your southern style snowman!!! We got enough snow to build a northern version....but it's so cold that the snow isn't sticky enough.



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