Monday, December 13, 2010

Suffolk Yarn

Last week I dyed the last of my suffolk wool,
blended and carded the fibers into batts,
Next, I rolled up the batts to ready them for spinning.
The yarn spun up sport weight size and into two skeins of yarn.
I used the last little bit of natural roving from the suffolk fleece and ventured into the world of thrumming!
These are so luxurious to wear because they are light weight, soft and yet so warm!  I have enough to make another pair which I will be casting on today!  It is amazing how warm your whole body becomes because of heating up your wrists.  (If you linger over the physics of warming your wrists, it makes perfect sense but to know this by experience is how the light bulb goes off for me! :')


  1. I love the pink and gray combo! Isn't wool amazing?!

  2. Is that pink and gray?! LOVE it!

  3. Those wrist warmers are the warmest things ever! I totally LOVE the pink and gray combination in the yarn...spun up it works great together.

  4. Cool and warm looking. I've been interested in knitting with thrums for a while now, and as cold as this winter is becoming, it might be sooner than leter.

  5. It's pink camo! The thrummed cuffs turned out fabulous with the little white v's all over. Great job!

  6. I love the suffolk, the spun yarn from the suffolk and of thrumming interest me immensely especially thrummed mittens. Aren't you excited we've actually had mitten weather lately??

  7. Beautiful!! And practical, too - too bad you aren't in MN right now, making the best possible use out of them!

    PS - do not worry about being tarred with the brush of the WBC - I was careful to name them specifically, in order to avoid giving the impression that Baptists, or Christians in general, were guilty of the same moral degradation. My husband was raised as a Baptist, and although he is no longer a church member, we certainly aren't of the belief that one bad apple represents the entire crop.

    After all, the members of the WBC are also members of the Human Race, and I certainly wouldn't want them to be taken as representational of the rest of us!

  8. oooOO..they look so warm & lovely.

    Yo would need more than somethng to cover your wrists here today. It's in the deep freeze tonight!Zero & dropping.

    Thank fo checking in on me!

  9. Or cooling your wrists - my Nanna used to keep 4711 eau-de-cologne in the fridge for just such a purpose!


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