Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Fluff

 The day started with a crash.........
 Someone got up the nerve to climb all the way up!  She was quite proud of herself.
 PuffDaddy was looking for an online deal to replace the ornament!
 What does a spinner do if she runs out of yarn?  Dye and spin some more!
 See how lovely the roving looks after you draft it out?  The process of soaking and dyeing makes the roving a bit matted when it dries and this just puts the luster back into the fiber, much easier to spin, too!
 Here are the singles on the two bobbins.
 All plied and ready to be wound into a skein.
KnitPicks superwash, 100g;   now sportweight yarn, 206 yards-on to the knitting!


  1. I guess Benita wins the prize for her prediction that the kittens would be up the tree!!! What a cute picture!

    That yarn is so pretty...but I think I would have saved the skein and not made anything with it, just so I could sit and stare at its fascinating variegation. :)

  2. ouch, we had a similar problem last year! unfortunately our visiting cat decided to cut off her holiday with us and went of again - we haven't seen her since:(( on the bright side: the dog won't try to climb into the tree, so our ornaments should be safe this year:))
    the yarn is the right stuff for the season - I hope you won't have too much frost damage outside!

  3. LOL! Your cats are funny! Love the yarn. It looks like ribbon Christmas candy :)

  4. Oh yes, I grew up with many cat/Christmas tree adventures!


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