Thursday, December 2, 2010

Repurposed and Appreciated

 Many years ago, Bill and I bought this bench for Bruce and Marsel for a house warming gift.  It has come to reside with us for a spell since I have been looking for just such a bench for a few months!  It is nice to be able to share. 
 I needed to cover the seat cushions to have it match my space and voila!  it is perfect!  Thank you for sharing, Bruce and Marsel!
 One sock down for Bill; one foot of sock knitting sure eats up yardage to cover one foot-literally!
 This is the Christmas colored yarn I spun last month; it is now a hat and almost a pair of fingerless mitts!  This pattern is from Classic Elite Yarns, their Moorland Berries & Twigs Cap (the cable doesn't show up well in the pic, but it does in real life.)
 It matches my in-bloom Christmas cactus , don't you agree!
Temperatures opped to freezing last night, even though it warmed up to 65F during the day, the damage of the 32F at night is a done deal.  We have moved many of the pool plants indoors for the night again tonight for the repeat performance.....The dogwood tree appreciates the Jack Frost visit but not too many in the yard were pleased by the visit.


  1. The bench looks great! I think it's happy to have new life. :)

    We love the frost here but it always makes me sad when you get it!

    That sock is feet are big but at least they're not as big as all of the guys'! :) The hat is very pretty.

  2. I'm glad you didn't lose any of the more delicate plants, but the dogwood looks lovely!

    Man-o-man! Those are some big socks. Does it take a ball of sock yarn for each sock?


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