Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Blast

I dug my old quilt rack out of storage just in time to hang a Christmas quilt!  Both are projects from long ago.....
Yes, the freeze has hit us hard.  Tonight should be our last freeze for a while again.  I am ready to have it move on!
We kept the sprinklers on all night to give the plants a little insulation.  Our temperature hit the 22F mark again, which is pretty cold for us!
What do you do when it is so cold outside?  Play on the computer.......
...and wrap packages for Christmas.
This is a gift from a friend.......made by a knitter for a knitter!  Isn't it clever?!  Thanks, Sandy!
The needles have been busy.  We had to go to Daytona yesterday and have the car's oil changed and so I had plenty of knitting time on the way and back.  This is for Marsel; she mails the yarn, I knit it and we are both happy with the results!
I also have some Christmas knitting going on, this has been blacked and whited to hide the colors of the yarn but it looks good in this color, too!  More on this project later........


  1. It went down to 32 here last night. I woke up to ice on my windshield. I'm a Florida girl and have no experience with this, so like a dope, I poured water on the windshield to melt it and it got worse, lol! My NY husband just shook his head. Duh.

  2. You must admit, the icescape is pretty in its own way, too...just not in the tropical way you love best!

    I love the insolent look on Nyki's face!

    The wreath from Sandy is very cool; what a great idea!

    The socks are calling me...and you even made some that don't have holes in the heel! :) Thanks, Mom.

    I am intrigued by the last first thought was "Wow, she rarely does projects in black and white"...and that's still true!

  3. your frost is going? ours is just coming back again in time for christmas - tonight.... that wreath is a great idea - you can take it apart after the holidays:)) and I didn't know that you wrap your gifts in cats - can I have one too?:)) or is Nyki saying: no way, you won't get this box!!! nice deco, I am not even halfway finished with mine....

  4. That sure does look like it might be my Slice of Autumn/Spring.;)!

  5. Is that Nyki guarding that box so fiercely? Wow! I would not mess with that look.

    All that ice looks so sad! I hope it warms up for you soon!

    In the meantime, we are enjoying our vast blanket of whiteness here.

  6. Yes, your wreath sure is clever and real cute!!!! Christmas quilt is lovely!!!!!

  7. Whoa...seeing that frost in Fla is just so many kinds of wrong!

    (Hopefully commenting in a different year from when the post appears isn't equally wrong!)


  8. Changing the colour is such a clever way to disguise the gift!


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