Friday, December 24, 2010

Just Kicked!

I ripped out the entrelac sock, I just prefer to make mine toe up and so I ripped it out and cast on for the toe.  After the foot is done and I am ready to do the leg again, I will try the entrelac again.  There was too much poofiness in the entrelac area compared to the ribbing and the stockinette stitch just before the heel.  It just didn't look right to me.  Once again, I am grateful that yarn is reusable! 
Getting ready for my two youngest sons to arrive this evening, the cookies are made, the shelves are stocked full of snacks and we are ready to savor the weekend.

This was my view while trying to have computer time this morning.........Bling and Nyki had bath time.
JD wanted to see the cool solitaire graphics and PuffDaddy was on my lap asking for a good head rub. 


  1. Cat, cats, and more cats...isn't it wonderful?!

  2. I love the last pic of the cat with the computer!!! Too fun!!!

    Hope you've having a great trip and are feeling 100% again!



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