Monday, December 6, 2010

Preparing for the Big Freeze Week

 Temps hit only 32F this morning but not until 6:30  which means that the cold was only for an hour before the sun came up. 
But tonight the freeze  will hit sooner and last longer and then we will have lower temps all week! 
This means that as many plants as we can, get moved into the house!  Most of the pool area plants are inside.
Bill and I have rigged up a little house (it was too dark to get a pic of it with the sides, but it completely encloses the garden and all its precious produce (snow peas and green beans )!  The sprinkler is also in here so the water will be running to try and help the freeze from ruinging the garden.
The afternoons are going to rise to the high 50's if only we can protect the yard through the week, we will not keep these cold temperatures for long!  I have been hearing about Syracuse, NY, on our news and prefer my cold weather to be news bites on the television only!


  1. Hope it passes quickly for you!

    Dad's haircut is at the Rex-rabbit stage -- it makes me want to feel the back of his head! :)

  2. Heard about Syracuse too. My daughter is going to Buffalo for Christmas for the first time! Ha ha! She's a Florida girl born and bred. She's going to freeze!


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