Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spinning Friends

I have found a friend, Elayne, that lives just over a mile from me and she is a spinner!  Not only is that is a wonder but she is also a master knitter.  I see quite a bit of time spent together for fiber adventures  in our future!  Today, we went to the Pioneer Settlement in Barberville for their Florida Christmas Remembered. 
It was very cold this morning but did warm up a bit by lunch time!  I was bundled and layered and just waiting for the sunshine to bring us some heat!
I brought the roving I dyed yesterday and started spinning; it was wonderful to meet so many nice people and share what we do with wool.
 I did add a bit more of color to the roving but not too much.  It spun up very nicely and the colors are the colors of the mountains/sky or even the ocean...a very nice combination. 
In the early afternoon, I met  a  fellow blogger, Loree.  We had corresponded through emails and I had hoped she could make it here and she did! She is looking to move to our area of Florida and we were thrilled to think she could be close enough to join in on a regular basis, too. 
(See the poncho Elayne is wearing?  It is done in the style of a South American mola design.  I hope to get a lesson on how to knit one , too!)
I finished my skein when I got home, 250 yards of fingering weight superwash.  A perfect momento for a great day together.


  1. Gorgeous roving and yarn!

    I'm glad you have hit it off with other fiber-ers -- how nice!

  2. Love that poncho--what an interesting pattern! am sure you will figure it out. sharon

  3. cool, three spinners/knitters - you could start your own group there:)) the colours are lovely too - a bit like a sky in a thunderstorm!

  4. I agree I love the roving and yarn your spun.

    Always fun to find another "fiber friend"!!!!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the yarn turned out! Also, so darn happy you have other spinners close. It sure makes it fun!

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful day and came home with such beautiful yarn!

  7. Oh my gosh, that was so much fun! Loved meeting you all and hanging out with other wool addicts!

  8. What fun! The picture of you and your friend on the porch reminded me of Gram Galla for some reason. It looks like a wonderful good time! I knew that roving was going to spin up beautiful and it did. What's it want to be?


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