Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Pair of Mittts

A pair of lady-like mitts for my granddaughter!
I still have plenty of the yardage left in this skein....
what shall I do with the rest?  
Another pair of mitts but with a different pattern and needle size-this one is on a #1.
And amidst all the dead foliage from the frosts in January, the banana grove is recovering and even has a flower and a bunch of bananas growing-right at the top of the stalk on the right!
A good indication to persevere!


  1. Poor little banana tree -- but, he's a tough one!!!

    The mitts are adorable.

  2. That nasty frost has done a number on my camellias too. They look so sad.
    Nice mitts! She is going to love them.

  3. The banana tree looks like a hardy specimen. Love the mitts and the color of the yarn.

  4. Cozy mitts for a loved one are the best. Do you eat the bananas grown on your property?

  5. Your mitts are pretty. I predict they will be worn out with loving wear.

  6. Azaleas and banana trees -- it looks so lovely!
    Very sweet mitts.

  7. Bananas in you backyard! I'm so envious!

  8. Pretty blue on those mitts. I am so glad the banana has hung on through yet another cold snap!


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