Monday, March 5, 2018


Well, one sleeve is finally completed at least!
I ripped it out so many times because the colors left in the skein after knitting the body 
were not the full selection so I could make a match to the body.
I did take what colors I could match,
 halved the amount of yarn so I can have the right amount for the second sleeve!
  (Thank you , Nancy , for the idea!)
The colors are way off in this picture because it is late at night-
I wasn't going to bed until I got it right!
The second sleeve should be a breeze after this!


  1. turned out spectacular!

  2. It is looking perfect. I ripped this weekend too. I'm all about not rushing right now, so you will be looking at my shawl for a while longer ! The sweater you are knitting looks cheerful, and wonderful. Keep going!

  3. Looking good. I don't have your patience with trying to get stripes to match. I just let them do what they do!

  4. It's adorable! I seem to remember a similar experience with Noro Silk Garden and a sweater I made ages ago!

  5. It looks fantastic. Good luck with sleeve number two.

  6. Gorgeous colors! Hooray on the sleeves matching. :)


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