Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Visit to a Natural Wonder!

 Blue Springs State Park here we come!
  It was crispy cold today but sunny and bright
 and just right for spotting manatees along the Blue Spring where the water is a constant 72F. 
 In the background of this photo is the St. Johns River. 
 This is in the DeLand/DeBary area of Florida.
 My niece and her friend are down from Syr., NY,
 for a visit and we took them on a day trip!
 The spring is full of fish
 and if you look in the sunny spot in the foreground, 
you will see a fish ''swishing a nest.
 Here is a manatee mama and her young one!
 A closer view with a visitor swimming along for a chat!
 The mouth of the spring and you can see why it has its name!!
 This is my husband (L) and my Dad (r) on the boardwalk .
Boys, their dad (my middle son) and my Mom!
We have taken this same picture so many times and love to compare them for the generations!
 And I blocked this early this morning and had it drying in front of the fireplace so I could wear it today!  
Nothing like some stylish woolens on a chilly day!
(This broke the curse of this Jacob's wool yarn which has been knit and ripped out from 4 garments I have tried to make out of it!!!!  This vest fit perfectly and I had only a little bit of the yarn left which I tossed so that it's really a finish-gone, done, the end!)


  1. That is a beautiful place. The vest turned out nicely-what a perfect fit!

  2. I had to laugh at the comment that you've taken the same photo a lot. My family did that, too. Such fun to see how the people and the surrounding area change.

    Congratulations on a great-looking vest.

  3. We do love Blue Springs! Glad you had a pretty day to enjoy it. Congrats on not only conquering that yarn but making into something you will use and enjoy!!!


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