Friday, March 2, 2018


Mom and I went to the 
AQS Quilt Show in Daytona today!
It was our third annual attendance!
It was wonderful on every level and so good to laugh together
 and catch up on all the things we don't have time to sit and talk about as easily any more!
It was chilly enough to wear my new vest for the first time! 
I'm glad to say it was comfortable and added just the right amount of warmth
needed in those big convention centers!
I know it was cold and snowy up north
and so I have no right to call 63F morning temps chilly!
(It did reach a sunny 80 on the ride home!)


  1. Precious memories! It's so nice to share interests with family.

  2. Wait, is this done every year? I need to change my Daytona schedule to include a trip during the show. What a great day to spend with those you love!

  3. Love the photo of you and your Mom.

  4. Mom and I went to quite a few quilt shows when I was in my teens. Haven't done so for a while

    It is on the chilly side today, but the sun is out so I'm not going to complain either!

  5. Awwww That is a darling photo of you both. I hope to be going to knit shows with my daughter when I'm your mom's age. Your vest looks amazing!

  6. Glad you got some time with your Mom. That's ALWAYS a good thing.

  7. Fun day! So glad you guys got to go together!


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