Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Trying My Hand

Trying my hand at mosaic work.
I ordered a bag of mixed tiles (3/8") a few years ago, 
so I could try to do my bird bath.
 It's the same syndrome as the blank canvas when you are painting-
it is very intimidating when you don't knI ow what you are doing!
After looking tons of Pintrest ideas a few at a time as they came into my email,
I learned enough to dig out the box of tiles and give it a try.
Because one of my biggest hurdles was the amount of time
I would need for one sitting,
I was very interested in this way to organize your tiles;
you cut out and draw your general idea on the non-sticky side of Contact paper.
Then you peel off the paper and begin applying your tiles.
The sticky keeps the tiles in place and it is safe from kitty paws and kids alike!!!!
I have worked on this for almost a week doing a round at a time.
It is now ready to apply to the bird bath-
stay tuned!


  1. That is a genius way to manage all those little tiles. That design is perfect for a birdbath.

  2. I've never worked with tiles but can see how the Contact paper would be helpful. Eager to see this project progress.

  3. So beautiful and perfect for your Florida birdbath! Those birdies will be bathing IN STYLE!

  4. What a great idea for assembly!!


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