Monday, March 12, 2018

Parts Make a Whole

 Another dishcloth made;  it wasn't enough yarn to make a whole one
 so I used a bit from a new skein to add borders top and bottom.
This one is knit in seed stitch;  
I thought I wouldn't like doing a whole dishcloth in seed stitch 
but I didn't mind the rhythm of it at all and I like the texture of it in my hand!
The pond lawn is covered with these wildflowers again this Spring.
The camera wanted to focus on the ones in the background
 instead of the one right in front of me! 
 I saw some color in the tree back there and found this......
the hurricane had tangled it beyond repair 
so I cut all the parts from the string and I am going to build it again!
I have been saving colored bottles to make one of these
and now I don't have to cut the bottoms off-I can just enjoy this one!
This one was tangled , too, and I almost just tossed it
 because they are pretty common
 but I saved all the disks after I cut them apart
 and I will decide if I am going to rebuild this one later!


  1. Pretty dish cloth! Poor wind chimes. I've lost most of mine over the years too. I never thought about restringing them.

  2. I am getting all caught up. Your trip to the park looked wonderful. And a bear print! Oh my! We have coyotes and bobcats but no bears. Love your dishcloths. Seed stitch makes me want to lose my mind, maybe it is because I did a sweater coat in it years ago. Have a great week.

  3. I don't mind small bits of seed stitch, like a border, but a vest or sweater in seed stitch would be too much.

    How fun to reclaim the bits and pieces of the wind chimes.

  4. Great seed stitch cloth! I love to hear a wind chime. It is quiet and lovely up here in the woods and when I hear a chime it is now mine from a dear friend. It has a cat on the top of it. I know you'll make them like new again

  5. Were the wind chimes yours to begin with or did they blow in from somewhere else? I love that you are going to be able to rework them.

    I like the color combo you chose for your dishcloth. Very spring-y!

  6. Fun to take a broken project and make it all better again — very satisfying!

  7. PS — the dishcloth colors are gorgeous!


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