Friday, March 9, 2018

Nature's Visitors ...

 Now we have eight...
Nemo, Boy Wonder's cat we have had for a month,
has now been joined by his 'brother' since they became victims of this home disruption, too!
Everyone is settling in amazingly well;  
our main residents are being very resigned to our growing cat sanctuary!
Bill and the boys spotted this print at the pond.
It is about 6-7" from toe to heel-
it is a young bear print!
Thankfully, no cats go back that far and bears do no like people contact!
                                        The temperatures have been chilly enough with this
very cold, northerly wind!
We hit 32* again this morning....I really hope it is the last one like this!!!!
Of course, the fire makes our home nice and snuggly.
Lots to be grateful for....


  1. Whenever a north or east wind blows here, it snows. Enjoy your fire and cuddle with the kitties.

  2. Cute kitties. a bear track???!!!??? Yikes! Stay warm.

  3. A BEAR???? Goodness gracious...that's scary.

  4. A bear, oh dear. That's an amazing photo of the print. Hooray for many cats. We love each of our four. I think it is only in the 30s here too. So, we'll relax in the hot tub tonight with our friends. I haven't been in there in awhile...should feel great.

  5. I love the idea of eight cats ... as long as someone else is doing the scooping!

  6. More cats is always a good thing! (As long as everyone is getting along)

    I watched a show on Florida bears not too long ago. Definitely much more shy than our black bears.

  7. Cats are much happier residents to have than bears, at least in my book — I hope he was just passing through on a journey that ended far away!! In that photo, Lena looks like she is happily tuning out everyone and everything!


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