Thursday, March 29, 2018

Full Week Already

 I've had to say so long for now to my parents-
here they posed for pics with great grands, 
my youngest sons two children.
 Mom and I sat and knitted while it rained outside the car;
we even played some cards!
All while waiting to pick up the boys after a visit.
I've never seen a 'cruise' ship in the St Johns River ;
we decided that it was an older model now in private use.
Wouldn't it be fun to have our own knitting cruise!?
 The Fringe Tree is in full bloom-
it always goes like this in a few days after being bare all winter.
 A sure sign that it is nearing the time for my parents to leave.
Bittersweet goodbyes but
the flowers are so sweet and fragrant.
 Will had his cast removed!  He was a bit apprehensive but he did fine!
 And he is adjusting to his new brace which he will wear for the next month!
And we refreshed ourselves at the beach-still has a bit of a chill in the wind but the sunshine was beautiful.  The boys played in the bit of surge on the shoreline-the wind was still strong and the rip currents were at their worst.  We had a very sweet time at the beach and had a hard time leaving!
And a new child's sweater is cast on for Eli,
who is pictured above.
I started it on the ride to the beach and knit on the way home, too.
I love how a top down sweater really moves along,
like beginning a shawl!
(I knit the first sweater for his sister so I bought some more of the same 
yarn to knit him a matching sweater.)
The pattern is Felix's Cardigan
by Jacki Kelly.


  1. What beautiful smiles! And yay for losing the cast. He's a trooper.

  2. "See you soon" makes leaving easier. I've wondered about knitting cruises: I think it would be fun.

  3. There are a lot of smiles in this post!

    Will is so brave! I was older than him when I broke my wrist (I was about 12) and that cast saw terrified the pants off me. I was convinced it was going to slice my arm open - even after the the doctor put it on his palm to show me it wouldn't cut skin!

  4. The knit shop in Cocoa used to sponsor a cruise every year. Maybe they still do ....It's Knit and Stitch in Cocoa Village.

    The fringe tree is BEAUTIFUL. I don't think I've ever seen one.

    Happy and safe travels to your parents as you travel home.

    Looks like your little one was quite brave.

  5. Yay Will! And hooray for beach therapy — that is a very good thing! It’s always amazing to see what a big transformation the fringe tree undergoes every year!


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