Wednesday, May 30, 2018


A Public Service Announcement:

I woke in the wee hours of the 29th with vertigo and severe spinal pain.
Slept for 27 hours...
I am upgraded from near death to impaired.
Such an interesting word to describe such a miserable state for the human body.
I missed my oldest son's birthday; 
first time I haven't spoken to him on his birthday in his 38 yrs.


  1. Yikes!! Hope you are feeling better soon. Vertigo is so disabling...take care.

  2. I hope this bout of vertigo and pain passes soon. Take the time your body needs to rest and heal.

  3. Wow.....I've been laid low with a back issue myself but thankful there is no vertigo involved. Ugh. That's got to be the worst.

  4. Oh no! Do they know what has caused it? Get well soon!!!

  5. Oh Iim so sorry. !!! Vertigo is nasty' . A birthday is a season , not a day. That s what we say about it here! With our jobs holidays and birthdays had to be moved a bit . So we always enjoyed it when we could be together. Hope that helps.

  6. Have you checked your vitamin D levels? That sure helped my sister who struggled with vertigo. Feel better soon!

  7. Ohno! I hope you're back up to par soon. In the meantime, I find kitty snuggles are a great healer!

  8. that sounds awful:( I hope you'll feel better soon - and I am sure your son doesn't mind as long as you'll get back on your feet again. take care - and rest for as long as it takes!


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