Monday, May 14, 2018

A Special Gift

Look what is blooming tonight!
The Cereus has sent a gift of its wonderfully
aromatic bloom!
This was taken at 7pm.
I darted outside to sit and breathe its sweetness and admire its incredible construction!
The best time is around 12-3am but I will settle for a 10pm viewing! lol
I'm sure the fairies enter the yard from these blooms!
I could try my hand at a child's storybook with this bloom as the impetus for the story line!
Are you imaginative?
I'm not the only one attracted to this nighttime delight!


  1. So lovely — I love the dreamy quality of the closeup photo!

  2. That would make a great story. The fairies could wear beautiful white dresses and smell great (but only for ONE evening).

  3. Beautiful blossom and definitely a special gift. If you don't write a story, then create the concept in a painting.

  4. What a GORGEOUS flower. Lucky you!

  5. Oh thank you thank you for the gorgeous flower post! That is an amazing thing. I love a nightblooming jasmine


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