Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Storm with Smiles

 After picking up my yarn and fabric at JoAnnFabrics,
 we grabbed some lunch and headed to the beach.
 It was stormy looking....cloudy and blustery but that didn't inhibit the boys at all!
It was to moist to knit on the beach! 
 I couldn't believe how sticky everything became within minutes!
So I knit on the way home instead-after a using a wipe to clean the beach's salty air from my hands! 
Such a long day but a wonderful time for all of us!


  1. Please get all the storms in before June 7th, so our trip will just be sunshine and beach! You should come for a visit while we are there.

  2. I really enjoy days like that at the beach! That sock is just so fun - love the colors.

  3. From the photo, I can almost hear the giggles and squeals of the boys as the play on the beach - fun times!

  4. I always LOVED how my hair looked after a day at the beach. That salty-sticky air worked wonders.

    However, not so good for knitting. LOL Glad you got some car knitting in to make up for it.

  5. Nothing beats time at the beach!
    I am not so crazy about that sticky feeling, though.

  6. I love all of the different colors of the beach, that change with its weather-moods. Glad it stayed clear enough for your visit!

  7. It's been too humid here too. Ugh...this summer is going to be as bad a this spring I fear.


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