Friday, July 17, 2009

A Night on the Town

Bill and I went to an evening, outdoor wedding in St Augustine tonight. (I did mention a sunburn in the last post!)
I wove a bag to go with my outfit-I used the pretty greens that I have been given! And I wore the olive green, alpaca Pi shawl.
In fact, I wove quite a few bags ........ to the sewing room tomorrow and give them their shape!

There is a Monday flea market that is opening soon and I am going to look into a booth to sell these..........will keep you posted.


Life Looms Large said...

That's great that you wore your shawl and took your bag to that wedding!!!

And what a beautiful setting for a wedding!

You are so productive....I'll be interested to see how selling bags goes for you!


Jess said...

Your hair looks beautiful and sun kissed is very appropriate for an outdoor summer wedding. The shawl looks wonderful!

Marsel said...

Lovely all the way around -- you, your outfit/shawl, the bag, the setting for the wedding -- nice!

Anonymous said...

So much fun to have a creation to wear and take too. Can see that Bill is really slimming down. Good for him! Love Mom

CJ said...

You look great! The shawl is so pretty and lacy. Good idea on trying to sell some of the bags at the flea market! Did I even mention there are a couple of Alpaca farms on our road?