Saturday, July 4, 2009

Spinning and Building

I got our my spinning wheel on Friday to get ready to spin wool for the Tour de France-to spinners, this contest is called Tour de Fleece! Disaster had struck my wheel-the factory finish from Ashford had turned to caramel-in color and consistency! What to do? I haven't spun since April, so some fiber friends claimed it was the wheel's revenge for neglect. Another offered the idea of washing the whole wheel in alcohol to get rid of the gunk. After the generous application of elbow grease, it is useable. The finish is no longer pretty and I will have to refinish the wood somehow but at least I was able to use it without my feet sticking to the treadles!

I dyed some Coopworth wool for my spinning adventures. Now this is my kind of kitchen work!

Bill tackled the long awaited (dreaded) tearing out of the back wall. The previous owners had walled up the garage opening in the back of the house with ordinary 2 x 6's and the termites were very grateful. We had the house sprayed so there were no live critters but they had left the wood too fragile to be any good. The old door came out, the new window in and the cats will have their own entrance, too! It was a marathon but oh, so worth it-good job, husband!


  1. Bummer about the wheel, but glad you salvaged the project with some happy dyeing...

    ...and hooray, Dad -- the new wall looks great!!!

  2. Too funny on the Tour de Fleece :D Here I thought you had blueberries and strawberries ready for canning on your stovetop. ;)

  3. Wow, that's so weird about the finish on the wheel doing that. And have fun spinning the Copworth. Spinning during the summer seems so special.

  4. A Tour de Fleece sounds like my idea of exercise, have fun.

  5. I'm assuming these rovings are the finished yarn in the later post. The are just beautiful. I'm sorry about your wheel:(


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