Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great Day!

If your day was only half as excellent as mine, yours would have been perfect!
I was prepared to rip all the threads off the loom because I just couldn't get those warp threads untangled but this morning I gave it one last shot and------------SUCCESS! I am so glad for my patience this one more time. It is an utter delight to weave this. Both feet work different sets of shuttles, both hands have to handle shuttles without tangling, the mind has to keep the treadling song straight and well, it happens. Beautifully! (This is the 30wt thread project to make fabric.)
I was so happy after weaving, I hit the mending trail and conquered that pile. Did laundry and then did some fun sewing/quilting. It has been a long time since I have done piecing and the little crutch pocket only teased that urge awake again.
So I cut up the scraps from a quilt I made and keep on my couch and finally made the pillows to go with it.
I pieced and then quilted them and then got out the serger and put the pillows together. I have them on the couch and it looks good!
Soffets are blooming all around my house! So are the storms but hoping to get that stucco color on soon!


  1. WOWEEE you had a busy and productive day! Your weaving is beautiful! And I see some ShangriLa there - cute pillows.

  2. The weaving is GORGEOUS -- even more so considering the angst that went into it at the beginning! Glad you persevered.

    The pillows look so pretty -- and the soffets do, too, in a different sort of pretty. :)

  3. Love that weaving!! Great colors and pattern!!


  4. You sure did have a busy day. Pillows looks so comfy.
    I love your weaving!!! Great colors and pattern.

  5. Wow, you are multi talented....nice work.
    To answer your question about the weighs about 42 lbs.
    The kitties are trying to convince me to keep this one!!!!
    Love your blog.

  6. Your weaving is beautiful!

  7. I am in love with the weaving pattern. Please share where I can find it. I am so glad you persevered.

  8. You did all of that in ONE DAY!!!
    Yikes do I feel lazy.


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