Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Against the Odds

I have fallen behind for my spinning goals.........I only spun enough to fill 2 bobbins and didn't even ply them. At least I did do some spinning.
I did try to do some weaving and found that the meds really did affect my hand/eye coordination the other day because when I sat down to do some actual weaving this morning , 10 of the first 85 threads were crossed which means they get in each other's way when you try to change shafts. (Which means that you have to rethread them so you can weave!) I had to cut the warp and do some untangling but did get it sorted out. Of course, this didn't leave any weaving time. BTW, the threading I did yesterday when I felt better was 100 % accurate so that did help my attitude: I was working impaired-I was not an idiot.

I helped Bill clear the tools out of the way in the garage so he could have room to install a new Flowmaster off-brand exhaust system on his truck because we had rain most of the day and it wasn't friendly to driveway work-thunder and lightening unfriendly. We tested the new system by taking it to church tonight-it sounds quieter and Bill said the truck was zippier so let's hope it will boost the gas economy, too.
I did time in the sewing room this afternoon while he worked on the truck. I put together two more plastic totes now that I have the new webbing.
And I made this crutch-pocket for a friend who has to be on crutches for quite a while and doesn't have the spare hand to carry anything! It was very nice to be in front of the sewing machine again.

Tomorrow we are taking the day to go and help Matthew move some living essentials from Ocala to Lake City, where he will be staying with Caleb for a while so he can be closer to his new job as store manager. It will be a good time and a break for all of us. The stucco crew will be working even though we will not be there so imagine our surprise when we get home and see some real color/finish to the house! I am very excited!


  1. Great spinning and I really love your bags too. :)

  2. The totes are really wonderful! Great job!

    The crutch pocket is a great idea too. Another tip for your friend on crutches (if she doesn't already know this) is that an office chair on wheels to use around your house can be a huge help. When I was on crutches (for 5 months - ugh!), I used it to roll around with food on a tray, or beverages, or laundry. There are different types of wheels - some that are better on carpet and some that are better on hard floors.

    Anyway, best to you and your friend! Hope she's off crutches soon and everything heals up fine!


  3. Love those plastic totes. I know someone's mother who would like one when she comes to visit in August. sharon

  4. Good stuff!

    Sure will be fun all day to anticipate the house-makeover that awaits you when you get home tonight -- we can't wait to see it either!

  5. I'm glad I read on down the page as I had NO IDEA what a crutch pocket was. LOL! I get it now. That was nice of you to make.


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