Thursday, July 16, 2009

Playing Hookey!

Caleb came for a visit and we decided to try out those garage sale water skis he bought last month! It was a perfect day for being on the water; 95 degrees, little breeze and low humidity.
The clouds rolled by but didn't threaten any storms. (No , the stucco contractor didn't come today either, he , too, decided to play hookey as he has gotten used to not working.......grrrrr!)

Caleb last used water skis when he was at Bible camp 8 yrs ago. I'd say he did really well-up the first time! Now he did quite a few falls , too, but it comes with the territory and I predict many sore muscles when he wakes up tomorrow!

After an hour, he got pretty fancy and took a spectacular fall on the St Johns to prove it!
We docked the boat for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Corky Bells.

The greater Egrets were all along the shorelines, treetops and islands today. So graceful.
The shoreline is so green and all the Cypress trees are leafed out after their bare winter garb. We rested on the ride home down the St Johns and Dunn's Creek and then Caleb skied on Crescent Lake before calling it a day. (We do not entertain the idea of skiing on Dunn's Creek because it is alligator alley! And yes, there are gators in Crescent Lake but they do not swim in the middle during the the locals say!) The new trailer guides Bill bought sure made loading the boat back on the trailer a breeze! (See first photo) Great idea, Bill!

Sun-kissed and fresh-air-tired, we are calling it a good day.

(PS-I got my spinning time in this morning.........and now there are 300 yards of Suffolk yarn; waiting for the dye pot!)


  1. Looks like a wonderful day!

    I'm grateful that I never have to contend with alligators!!!


  2. FUN!!! ...and so many nice pictures.

  3. I'm hoping we have as good a day on the lake tomorrow as it looks like you all did on the ocean yesterday:)


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