Friday, July 31, 2009


The men covered up the styrofoam with cement today.........glad we got a peek of the before preparations because you'd never guess what lies below looking at it now!
We went into the city to run some errands and on the way home Bill stopped at a local junk/thrift store , I sat in the car knitting (my usual mode when he runs into each store) and as I glanced up I saw these. I have wanted a pair for so many years, and now I am the proud owner ! I have to decide what color to paint them as they have a few nicks but no cracks (they are ceramic, 32" tall). I am thinking white........sitting on each side of the front door. We shall see. I put on a new warp (172 threads of 10/2 cotton, black)............almost ready for me to begin weaving tomorrow but I ran out of light when a thunderstorm moved in!
I also started a new knitting project, before I finished the shawl I am working on-which is very unusual for me but this project is calling me and I caved. (This is the lace yarn Marsel bought while we were visiting! ) It is invigorating to live on the edge!


  1. Cool pillars!!! Can't wait to see them in place!

    Knitting in the car while running errands....I need to try that! I'm always dazzled by your I can use tips like that!

    Good to see the beginnings (my favorite part) of two new projects!


  2. Yay, I love my new shawl already! :)

    The pillars are SO pretty -- even before they're spiffed up. How nice to fulfill a long-held wish!

  3. All say you came up with a great fine. I'm sure they'll look great,

    I always have a car knitting project on hand too. Usually something mind less.

    Nice lace project.

  4. You are so brave - I am totally afraid of the whole lace shawl thing, so I'm standing in awe of your little circle at the moment, thinking how beautiful the finished product will be...

    Knit On!


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