Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching Up with Projects

I have been rather eclectic in my interests this week. I pulled a bunch of tee shirts out of the toss pile (stains, rips or old) and cut them into strips to use for a rag rugs. My grandmother used to cut strips like this and then crochet them into oval rugs which she then gave to for each of her grandchildren. I think she would have appreciated what I am going to do with these, too. Bill took this picture of me because he said I looked so peaceful and I never have pictures of me on the blog........I told him I was peaceful until he took the picture.
I am still spinning for the Tour de Fleece but the wool has been white so it is boring to post pics. I am also spinning my handprepared Florida Suffolk fleece and it is natural colored and so not too exciting to see either but I am making my allotted time each day. So far I have 1200 yds of the superwash that will become a woven lace shawl. (see the latest Handwoven magazine and you will know what I am planning.)
I finished the teal/brown overshot weaving. I will tackle sewing it into a few coin purses tomorrow! (I ended up weaving a yard of 8" fabric)
I warped up the loom so I can weave some more plastic bag totes! I saw this idea on one of the blogs I read but can't remember which one so if it was your idea, claim the fame in the comments! I sat on the exercise ball to warp all the heddles, I was able to pivot comfortably and it was just the right height for perfect vision! I did laugh-if you know me , you know I am allergic to 'exercise' and so to find a pleasurable use for this ball is indeed funny!

I have woven two so far today. It is so satisfying to see them roll off the assembly line! I have accumulated quite a palette of 'fiber' for weaving.

Bill has been mowing each morning this week; first our place, then the Lake Como house and then today at church. It has rained each afternoon and so the stucco work has been put on hold until it is dry-it is hard to be patient.......


  1. That fabric is amazing!!! Please bring it to Georgia with you for show and tell!

    Good laugh about the exercise all depends on your definition of exercise, right?!

    Who knew the shopping bag-totes would be so very much fun?!

  2. I love those shopping bag totes! And the fabric is absolutely beautiful--it would make a beautiful shawl! Can't wait to see the finished stucco--can only imagine how ancy you must be getting! :o)

  3. You've been busy!!!

    The totes look great! And I'm looking forward to more of the Tshirt rugs. Our ripped and stained Tshirts tend to turn into painting clothes - so they get even worse. But it would be cool to snatch some of them out of the rotation and make them into something!

    I have that exact same exercise ball! Warping with it does seem more fun than exercising with it!!


  4. Grandma Coon would just love you following in her footprints. Gramp made her crochet hook out of my drumstick from when I was Young. I will give it to you. I'm sure it will work better from the history behind,Mom


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