Saturday, February 17, 2018

CopyCat II

 Gifted bag number two;  what a great way to use those old dresser scarves you can't bear to part with but are useless as they are!  
 The bag was about 12" tall and 10' wide with boxed corners-very straight forward as far as a pattern goes and so much simpler to copy!
The lining on this bag was very reminiscent of a picnic to me!
 Here is my version!  I added a handle on the side and my tag on the other!
 The pretty baskets had to be way down on the bag because it was scalloped 
and I had to square it up;
it worked out just fine.
I put a small print blue and white cotton for the lining!
Nothing like a little bit of inspiration to set the creative juices going!
I don't know about you but I have a pile of old linens to re-purpose this way!
And I think the smaller ones will get pieced together on a piece of muslin
so I can then cut the pattern pieces out from that!


  1. That is so clever! Those scarves bring back such memories. My grandmother's house was covered with them. I wish I had rescued some of them when they packed it all up.

  2. Nice job. I have many of my Mom's dresser scarves and pillowcases that she embroidered and still use some of them. It would be difficult for me to cut them - too many memories.

  3. those repurposed napkins are just beautiful. Great bags!

  4. That’s a really fun idea! Nice compromise between cluttering up a drawer with something you don’t use and feeling guilty over just pitching them!

  5. I love boxed corner bags! Love the handle addition.


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