Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Silver Leaf

The birth of a shawl.........
is there anything more satisfying than the beginning of a shawl?
So few stitches and so much excitement to begin!
I am knitting this outside, the temperature is in the 80's and the relaxation is sweet!
The pattern is easy to memorize and with the help of a progress keeper,
it keeps you on target for increasing or decreasing stitches as needed!
  I am using Chroma Twist, a superwash, fingering weight in the color, Surfs up.
                    (The top color is spot on........not the bottom pic which was taken at bedtime!)


  1. Those first rows of a new shawl are the best. That is a very pretty color. 80 you say? Wow...only 40 here today but we will have SUN!

  2. Sea Foam would also be an appropriate name for that gorgeous color.

    Sigh, today's high temperature will be 34° so please soak up some warm sunshine for me.

  3. That is going to be a beautiful shawl. LOVE the color! Enjoy your warmth. Like Deb said, it is chilly here, but at least the sun is (finally) out and shining brightly.

  4. LOL, yes the start of a shawl is so full of promise, while the end of it is full of "can I stop now? Is it long of enough? Why did I choose this pattern?" Can't wait to see the color progress.

  5. I think I see a VAL paw stitchmarker? Do I ! I love to see others knit shawls. And I love to see others wear them. Its freezing here. There is no warmth here but the warmth I get from others blogs!!! Im grateful

  6. I love knitting shawls. First rows go so fast then when you get to over a 100 they get quite a bit slower or at least for me since I'm not knitting as fast as I used to.

  7. Looks like a good beginning! I love knitting shawls more than wearing them these days. hehe. Knitting in the sunshine sounds divine. I think I will put that on my goal list for the weekend.


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