Friday, February 23, 2018

Lace on the Needles!

I am trying to wrap up all the old projects for lots of reasons but this is one of them-
I cast on for a new child's cardigan!
This pattern is the one my Mom used to knit for me so many years ago!
It is a top down sweater and the lace design incorporates the increases for the yoke.
It is a wonderful pattern and both mom and I are making it
with the large acrylic balls of color we each received for Christmas!
This is my sweet Lena.
The great talker-especially in the morning!


  1. I love old patterns. I can't wait to see this one progress. Lena is a cutie!

  2. Yay for tried and true patterns. Lena looks like she is telling someone off. LOL!

  3. Eager to hear your impressions of the Mandala cake. I've seen them & wondered how they knit.

  4. Pretty color for your newest project. Lena is adorable!

  5. That is so sweet that you are doing it at the same time. I love the yarn. It will be gorgeous knit up into that darling pattern. Hi Lena!

  6. Lena has turned into a beautiful cat! Some of those old patterns are true classics!

  7. You know I love to see that sweet Lena!!! So, did you learn anything during her little chat?


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