Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cast Wars!

 The Azaleas are very early with the wonderful weather in the 80's we have enjoyed this last week.
 There are lots of bees and it is so pretty to pass this hedge of flowers on the way to the mailbox each day.
This side of the driveway has a lot more sunshine and is in full bloom while the other side which is in shade is just starting to get a few open blooms. 
 Nice for us because it extends our viewing pleasure!
 Even the Agave are enjoying greening up with  the sunshine and warmth.
(this plant is 4' tall!)
Something else that is greening up around here-
Bill has cast number two and this one goes up his leg-
he needs a bit of a 'boost' with the healing after foot surgery weeks ago;
Will's wrist is healing well and he wanted a Spring color on his arm now!


  1. Wow, those flowers are gorgeous! Hope the patients heal up’s almost pool time, after all!

  2. Well, aren't THEY the colorful ones (Will and Bill). LOL I hope they heal up quickly (before the weather gets too hot).

    They make a cute photo!

  3. Aw look at your matching broken men! Love the flowers - still at least a month before I see any of that here.

  4. Beauty all around. I will get a glimpse of it in 3 weeks!! Love the cast twins!

  5. Love the flowers and the dueling casts! Speedy healing to both victims.

  6. Decades ago, I would have loved a choice of colors for my cast. Sigh, all that was available at the time was white plaster. It was a heavy beast!

  7. Good golly! Look at all the plaster! It's so nice to see the azaleas in bloom. I planted lots of new ones last spring but I don't think they made it through the hot summer and that cold spell we had in December. I bet the new Rhododendron is a goner too.

  8. This is a fun post. Maybe not fun for the casted, but they are so cute together!! hooray for flowers ANYwhere!

  9. Pretty spring flowers. I'm so jealous! Two casts. Poor little guy


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