Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lost in Space

 I loaded up the quilt frame-it was time to get a bit done! 
 I am doing something different in each of the colored blocks.  Nice to be at work here again!
 I pieced one more row-not much but bit by bit this will get completed!
 I also laid out the next row and began the piecing. 
 Next is stitching down each of the fringed edges on the inside
 and then to attach it to the row above. 
 Easy work if I just remain methodical at each step of the process.
 I sat down and spun.  It's been forever again!  
I am spinning some fiber called mint from Paradise Fibers.
  It feels like SeaCell which I have spun before. 
 But it is going to be spun and then we will see what I have for yarn!
And this totally appealed to me as a pattern-fragments of me falling away.
It's called Shattered.
I could be more positive and turn the pattern upside down
and see myself as being filled up.
It's just that I am so tired, it is more the latter right now.


  1. Shattered would be fun to make. It also reminds me of tendrils on a wind sock.

  2. I so love florals and denim so these are a real treat for my eye. You are very talented Lady!!

  3. Great projects!

    That last one is cool - I think it would look good either way

  4. Love the last one. you are busy, busy, busy!

  5. So many fun projects! That last quilt is just crazy. It pretty much sums up my existence at the moment too.


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