Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Slow Work

 Boy Wonder is running a high fever;  all my appointments were cancelled for the day so we sat togeter on the couch most of the day!  I traced all the applique pieces for the wall hanging, cut them out, ironed them onto the appropriate fabric during one of his naps, sat by him and cut the fabric out when I could!  By bedtime, the pile was completed!
I did piece a few more rows on the background-
since he woke up with the fever still, there will be no going anywhere today either-
sorry for him to be sick but loving the reprieve of all the appointments!!!

He is so funny - when he woke up this morning,
he says, "I feel like the old man in the movie UP;
I can't just get up in the morning without a lot of tries!!!"
Welcome to old age, Boy Wonder!


  1. Hahaha - what an hysterical comment...but I'm so sorry he is sick. Hopefully he feels better soon. Nice to have something to occupy you while you sit with him.

  2. Awwwww...I'm sorry one of your littles is down for the count. Hope he is feeling better soon.

  3. How sweet - I got a chuckle out of Boy Wonder's comment. I hope his fever breaks soon and that his recovery is a smooth one.

  4. The poor mite! Hope he is feeling better soon! And I am definitely the old man in Up!

  5. Poor little guy. Everyone has been so sick this year. I hope he's on the mend soon.

  6. aw. Hope he feels much better soon. Mandatory downtime can be a gift!

  7. Poor little fella. I sort of don't mind a sick day here and there, I feel bad for Little B but it does make me have to stop and just sit with him. He is not too big for that yet which is nice.

  8. He is a funny guy! Sure hope he is back to full steam soon. Fun to see progress on this project!


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