Friday, February 16, 2018


 It started with being gifted this little knitting bag. 
 It is so handy and I knew my Mom would love one, too.
 Just a simple size and shape but I had to figure out how to sew all the curved seams without the need for hand stitching!  It worked and the next bag will go together even quicker than-
 ...this one!  The bag I was gifted was a silky print on the outside and a light cotton on the inside to hold things in place so I did the same.  Next time, I will probably use some batik!
I did remember to put in one of my labels! 
 Well , I remembered before I had stitched the whole thing up-
I did have to use the seam ripper to make the opening for it!
I dropped it off to Mom  on the way to the doctor's-
Littlest One is running a high fever-never boring is right; 
 now there are three patients in the house-two in casts and one fevered brow! 
 Talk about short=staffed for nurses!!!


  1. What a darling bag! Make sure the "nursing staff" stays well. 😉

  2. Your bags are so pretty! They will be used over and over. Poor nurses!!!

  3. Valerie gifted me one of those bags and I love it for knit walking.

  4. You all need to find some good health there! Lovely bag.

  5. Pretty! Fun to see an Eiffel-themed fabric in “your” colors — so often they are either b/w or pinks. Nice!

  6. i love that style of bag - that's the basis for our Kitten Kabbodles.

  7. that looks like such a clever and great bag!


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