Monday, February 19, 2018

Stage II

I have so enjoyed the knitting on this shawl!
And now the lace section begins-it will be time to think a bit more;
I'm hoping it is an easy to follow lace design.
I could see I was going to run out of yarn so last week, I ordered another skein of Chroma Twist.
By the time I hit the end of this skein, I should have the new one and so will be able to take right off on the new!

I have been working on the other projects I have on the needles 
so this should be a week of finishes!


  1. For some reason, I am fascinated by the crescent shape of a shawl-in-progress. This one is reminiscent of a dolphin!

  2. It is just lovely. I like the blues of course, because I love that color. Shawls are always a bit of a surprise because I can't really see them blossom until they are bound off the needle!! Happy knitting

  3. Amazing colors: I love how they blend into each other. I'm eager to see this shawl progress.

  4. I love that shawl shape - it wraps so nicely!

  5. Yippee for finishes!! I am hoping to have two sewing ones done by Friday.


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