Saturday, February 24, 2018

And Washed!

 Not only is the quilting finished, the lap quilt is also completely bound off and done!
 Each color has its own design of stitching....
I immediately tossed it into the washer and dryer so it is truly finished!
The texture really comes alive after this treatment-just the look I like!
And I even remembered to include my little label!
This was the mystery quilt by Merry Mayhem I did on New Year's Day;  
not bad,  I have it done before 2019!


  1. That must have been fun to quilt. It turned out adorable!

  2. ❤️ the bold design and the colors you used.

  3. Very pretty! Congrats!

  4. Washing really does bring out the quilting!

  5. Love it! I need to throw my recent finishes in the wash to create the full texture.

  6. Each quilt amazes me. I love your tags too.


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