Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wrapping it Up....

 The Jacob wool vest is near a wrap up-I am working up the back area,
 ready to bind off for the neck.
I don't put the stitches from the fronts on separate waste yarn;
  I always just start knitting, leaving the unused stitches on the rest of the needle. 
 It works for me!
I only have a half hour of work left for the quilt frame. 
I have several more little quilts awaiting their turn for loading!
I think I have put the last of the brush strokes on the class assignment.
I don't like still life but it is good for me to do more than I want;
I will begin the one in my mind's eye today, I hope!
This was the view out of our classroom window.


  1. I suppose painting (knitting, crocheting, etc...) things we don't want DOES stretch our talents.

    The flowers are very pretty!

  2. Looks like you have these three projects under control.

  3. I love how you dont put the stitches on waster yarn. That bugs me too. Great idea. Love your painting because it looks warm there

  4. Everything looks great! You are moving right along.

  5. I usually leave my stitches on the needles too!

  6. I love your painting. Is it acrylic? I find acrylic and oil quite scary! The flowers came out so lovely!


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